Customer Reviews

“I called Vac Magic Homes Services from my house and they provided extremely professional services. I have two dogs that are learning to be house broken. As a result my carpets were in a very bad state. Vac Magic Homes Services did a wonderful job removing all the pet stains. I am totally satisfied with the cleaning services provided!”  -  Janet Silverman

“I want to thank Vac Magic Homes Services for sending a professional and courteous service technician to clean my carpets. The technician worked very hard, provided me a price upfront, and allowed me to inspect their work when he was finished. My house looks amazing and smells nice as well! I will call Vac Magic Homes Services in the future.” – Richard Stone

“I just moved into a new apartment and the bathrooms were so gross. I called Vac Magic Homes Services and they made my tile and grout look like new! I was amazed by the equipment and the quality of the tile cleaning services performed. I would recommend anyone looking to renew the look of their older and dirty bath, kitchen, or any tiled surfaces to call Vac Magic Homes Services! Thank you so much guys!” – Leah Middleton

“After a bad experience with a low coupon carpet cleaning company I am very glad I found Vac Magic Homes Services. The prices advertised on their website are the prices you get in your home. There were no hidden fees or any gimmicks. Just a professional cleaning service. My upholstered furniture has been given a face lift. All the stains and dirt were removed with Vac Magic Homes Services’s high quality equipment. The technician arrived on time for the appointment and was very friendly.” – Daniel Rosen

“I have twin newborns and I was very concerned about the chemicals that would be used for carpet cleaning. When I called Vac Magic Homes Services they put all my fears to rest. They were very informative about the type of products the needs of the customer. It was a pleasure to feel relaxed and at ease when the Technician arrived and performed the services requested. The work was incredible and the drying time was extraordinarily fast. I could lie my newborns down on the carpet to play in just a few hours. I appreciate you dealing with a new mom!” – MaryAnne Johnson

“I was recommended Vac Magic Homes Services services by my neighbor. I was looking to clean the house for a graduation party. The flooring in the living room included carpeting, the kitchen tile , and bathrooms also tile all needed a heavy duty cleaning. Vac Magic Homes Services provided me a professional cleaning for a great price! The guests at the party wanted to know what maid service I used to clean the house. The floors were sparkling clean!” – Cheryl Davis

“After a huge storm I realized my basement was flooded. I was overwhelmed and helpless feeling. I called Vac Magic Homes Services around 1:30am not knowing if anyone would come to help me. They came to my home right away arriving at 2:00am. They worked into the wee hours of the morning extracting water and drying the basement. Thank you for all your help!” – Tina Parker

“I scheduled Vac Magic Homes Services for regular carpet cleanings each year. They never forget about our appointment and always call to confirm the appointment a day or so before. I appreciate this since I have a busy schedule. The carpet cleaning technician is always very friendly and the services performed are impeccable. Thank you for your reliability!” – Steve Southerland

“After my tenant left the house it was a mess. There were stains everywhere. I thought I was going to have to pay thousands of dollars replacing the carpeting. I thought for a long shot I would call Vac Magic Homes Services to see what they offered. I found Vac Magic Homes Services was able to remove all the stains and restore the carpeting all over the house. Two technichians worked for three hours to get the entire house cleaned. The results were fantastic! It saved me thousands! I would definately recommend Vac Magic Homes Services to any landlord!” – Rob and Gene Warren

“I was doing construction on my house and found the workers tracked in a lot of dirt. Also, the construction itself was very dusty and bothered my allergies. I wanted to get the house cleaned after all the construction was finished. I called Vac Magic Homes Services and they were able to make my tile shiney and clean again. The deep clean performed on my carpets took out all the dirt and dust mites. My allergies never felt better! Thanks to Vac Magic Homes Services making my home allergy free again!” – Debbie Aldridge